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My Oovie Health and Wellness Expert of the year



Fertility support through Fertility Awareness Mentoring and Reflexology


I’m Katy and I can help you 

  • Understand your menstrual cycle and related issues

  • Optimise your chances of conceiving 

  • Use your natural signs of fertility as natural birth control

  • Feel deeply relaxed in body and mind

"I had the most amazing reflexology treatment with Katy. I'm fussy AF when it comes to treatments and it was exceptional. If you want help with your cycles, fertility or pregnant (or like me want to chill out) then get booked in.
From now on I will be basing my trips to London based on her availability" 

Maisie Hill - Author of Period Power

Let's work together 

I offer two different services


A treatment that works on the whole body through pressure being applied to certain points on the feet 

Fertility Awareness

In depth cycle tracking and hormone coaching to support your reproductive health

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