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Reflexology is a deeply relaxing holistic therapy - and so much more than a foot rub!

In reflexology the feet hold a map of the body which acts as mirror as to what is going on inside of you. In areas you hold physical or emotional tension or have a existing conditions the reflexes will be imbalanced.



As a reflexologist I am trained to detect these imbalances, also sometimes referred to as sensitivities. By working into the sensitive reflexes, we can encourage the body and mind to return to a place of ease – leaving you feeling extremely relaxed, and with regular treatment we may see a shift in symptom patterns you experience


Bespoke Reflexology treatments  supporting you with

  • Easing stress and anxiety

  • Releasing tension

  • Improving sleep patterns

  • Through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum

  • Helping you have better periods

  • Conception 

  • Relaxation during IVF


Reflexology for fertility support

Whether you're trying to conceive, going through IVF or navigating menstrual health issues, it can be extremely stressful. In my opinion relaxation is a highly underestimated element of reproductive care, and it’s with the deeply relaxing nature of reflexology I can help you. 

Regular reflexology can help to ease difficult symptoms, regulate cycles, and support natural and assisted reproductive conception.

I can guide you through the world of testing, offer referrals from acupuncturists and nutritionists to ultrasound and fertility clinics. And help you advocate for yourself when navigating the medical and fertility systems.

Fertility reflexology works beautifully alongside my fertility awareness 1:1 package.

Nutrition is an important part of the fertility puzzle. When working with me you also have the opportunity to purchase hormone balancing meal plans created by Giulietta Durante AKA Hormones in Harmony

Reflexology for pregnancy

Are you a soon-to-be parent? Reflexology can help to normalise function in the body and can help to ease symptoms of pregnancy as your body changes with your growing baby

I am a qualified maternity reflexologist and can support you from your first trimester through to post natal care

Reflexology could help to

  • relieve morning sickness

  • reduce pelvic girdle pain

  • calm swollen legs and ankles

  • prepare and prime the body for birth

Smiling Pregnant Woman

"I started seeing Katy towards the end of my second pregnancy, she is incredibly skilled in her work. It sounds dramatic but I feel my reflexology sessions have been life changing.


They have helped me process and work through an episode of severe post natal depression, made my pms less severe and allowed me to maintain a more even mood whilst on my period.


Beyond these dramatic changes I also feel an improvement in my quality of sleep and finally find I am able to fully relax"

Where you can find me

Reflex East Studio

Hackney - E2 

Streatham and Balham Clinics

Streatham and Balham Clinics on Alternate Fridays

Private Clinics


Initial Consultation and treatment

90 mins


Follow up treatment

60 mins


Low Cost Clinics

Once a month I offer a low cost clinic from the Reflex East Studio in Hackney

This is open to both new and existing clients

40 minute treatments on a sliding scale


See booking system for dates

Streatham and Balham Clinics

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