In reflexology the feet and hands - also the ears and face, hold a map of the body which acts as mirror as to what is going on inside of you. In areas you hold physical or emotional tension or have a existing conditions the reflexes will be imbalanced.


As a reflexologist I am trained to detect these imbalances, also sometimes referred to as sensitivities. By working into the sensitive reflexes, we can encourage the body and mind to return to a place of ease – leaving you feeling extremely relaxed, and with regular treatment we may see a shift in symptom patterns you experience


Reflexology is a deeply relaxing holistic therapy - and so much more than a foot rub!

I can support you with
  • Easing stress and anxiety

  • Releasing tension

  • Improving sleep patterns

  • Through all stages of pregnancy and through the fourth trimester (3 months post birth)

  • Helping you have better periods

  • Conception 

  • So much more

Psychologist Session

This gives us time to discuss your needs and how you are feeling so I can tailor the treatment to your needs. Reactions to treatment vary person to person and there is always an opportunity to discuss this after the treatment and before any future sessions. 

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Before a treatment a full wellbeing consultation will take place

Reflexology can be a brilliant treatment used alongside other medical or alternative therapies.

Many GP’s refer people to reflexology because of its known benefits. However please note I follow the Association of reflexologists code of ethics and would never diagnose you or claim to cure you of any conditions you may live with. 

Sound good?

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