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Don't tell me to Relax - Podcast

Join me and Hannah Pearn as we provide you with the antidote to unhelpful fertility advice

From episodes on how to optimise your chances of conception each month to how does stress affect fertility. And what's the deal with AMH to how reflexology can support you TTC. We've got your back

New episode each week!


Intro to Fertility Awareness

Wanting to know more about fertility awareness?

Then here is your perfect intro!

Covering the basics of what's going on in your cycle, cervical fluid and BBT

PMS Workshop

In this one hour workshop I guide you through why you experience PMS,  my top tips for improving your symptoms and some reflexology to support you along the way

Progesterone issues-2.png

BBT workshop

Finally get to grips with BBT. Learn my top tips and get rid of all the confusion 

Not quite free - but only a fiver!


Sleep School

5 nights of Reflexology and top tips to help you sleep

Watch the first night here or tap the button below to get all 5 nights straight to your inbox

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