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Next Group: November 2024


Feeling like your baby is getting further and further away from you?


While you feel lost in the world of fertility information?

Conceive is here for you, to simplify your path to parenthood

A 16 week experience 

Making your baby closer than ever before

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Tired of trying for a baby? 

I see ya pal. Once the fertile window has closed, you're thinking about one thing and one thing only. You spend your days counting down the minutes until you could take an early test, and relentlessly symptom spotting whilst battling between your regular period pain and raging mood swings

Your menstrual cycle have always been all over the shop and you just can't get to grips with when your fertile window is, whats the deal with fertile fluids

You feel like your whole identity has become about trying to conceive, and yet there's no baby to show for it. You've lost connection with yourself. You feel like you’ve lost your spark. Who even are you outside of TTC? 

Sound familiar?

Well let me tell you...


You are not alone in this experience.


I’ve seen it countless times in clients and there is another way you can go through your conception journey

What is Conceive? 

Conceive is a place to be empowered, educated and embraced by a community of people who know how it feels to be in your shoes

In Conceive we view the menstrual cycle through the lens of fertility awareness, recognising it as a vital sign and diagnostic tool for understanding your personal reproductive health.

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By the end of our 16 weeks together you will:

  • Feel in control of your unique menstrual cycle through daily tracking 

  • You will trust you know your optimal time to 'get busy' through observing your own fertile signs

  • Have created lasting change to your life style resulting in: Less pain, more stable moods and energy, reduced physical symptoms and less anxiety around the dreaded two week wait

  • Be surrounded by a group of empowered women who share this experience with you so you no longer feel alone

  • Having your best cycles yet. And a healthy menstrual cycles is ESSENTIAL for conception

Here is what Nina has to say about being part of Conceive

“One of Katy's standout qualities is her ability to simplify complex concepts, making it accessible for everyone, regardless of their familiarity with medical terms. No matter how daunting the world of hormones and fertility may seem, Katy breaks it down in a way that is not only easy to comprehend but also empowering...


In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Katy to anyone seeking guidance on fertility awareness. Her expertise, coupled with her warm and friendly approach, makes the learning process not only informative but also enjoyable. Katy has played a pivotal role in shaping my fertility journey, and I am truly grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life.”

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How we create an enviroment for your reproductive health to flourish



The world of fertility can feel complex and overwhelming. But when you have someone in your corner explaining what you really need to optimise your chances of pregnancy, it feels like a weight has been lifted from your weary shoulders.


Using data collected through your charting of fertile signs, we can quickly identify areas that require support.


Over the duration of the program and as your charts improve, you can clearly see what things work for your individual body.



The Lowdown recently completed a survey where 39% of participants said they had not told anyone they were TTC - proof that it can be a lonely road to walk!


Through regular calls, we create an environment that fosters shared understanding, a sense of belonging, and empowerment via education.


This lets you take control during the process of TTC.

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The Conceive Program Curriculum 

Each week we will have a different topic of focus to ensure you have an empowered understanding of your fertility. Topic we will cover include: 

  • The menstrual cycle as a vital sign: Understand your menstrual cycle as diagnostic tool for reproductive health and how to get it within healthy parameters 

  • Tracking with fertility awareness: Learn to confidently record and interpret your fertile signs with the symptom-thermal method , including cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and cervical position 

  • Understanding the fertile window: Use your charting to guide you to your best time to conceive 

  • Enrolling appropriate protocols and strategies:  Your charts will inform what support you need. We can use protocols to optimise reproductive health, egg quality, help regulate cycle and re nourish you when coming of the pill  

  • Developing stress management techniques: including a two-week wait survival kit, and cultivate a positive mindset to support the path to conception

  • Developing strong foundational factors: Explore the role of nutrition, exercise, and sleep in fertility and building a healthy relationship with each

  • Address common menstrual issues: such as pain and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms through a holistic approach, including DIY reflexology

  • It takes two to tango: Guidance on enhancing sperm health and supporting male fertility 



"What sets Katy apart is her genuine passion for empowering women through knowledge. She fosters an environment where questions are welcomed, and uncertainties are met with patience and understanding. Katy goes above and beyond to ensure that each participant feels supported and informed, creating a community that thrives on shared experiences and collective growth."


Why Choose Conceive?  

Expert Guidance: Benefit from Katy Ewen's wealth of knowledge and experience as a fertility awareness mentor.

  • Comprehensive Approach: Gain a deep understanding of your body, fertile signs, and effective techniques to maximise your chances of conception.

  • Personalised Guidance: You'll have opportunity to have your charts reviewed in the live calls. Plus you can add on additional 1:1 sessions to have Katy privately review your charts

  • Support outside of calls: Have Katy is in your back pocket to answer all your fertility related questions 

  • Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals share experiences, and receive support from the small but mighty (max 6 participants) 'Conceive Circle' community.

  • Accountability: Through weekly session you can be sure that you will start to see the results you want through committing yourself to the Conceive process. Recordings will be available for each session, but it is highly encouraged to attend live.

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Remember, investing in your fertility education is an investment in your future. I can help you take those first steps with confidence and knowledge. Enroll in "Conceive" today!

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