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Fertility Awareness

1:1 Fertility Support - In depth charting to improve and optimise your menstrual cycle

Fertility awareness (FA) is the knowing and understanding your fertile signs in relation to your menstrual cycle.

Body literacy is they key here, and as we work together and your confidence builds you'll be able interpret and understand what is going on with YOUR cycle - no more guessing when your ovulating or when your period is due!

I will teach you how to chart your cycle with the symptothermal method and I will mentor you on making positive lifestyle changes that can transform your cycles – this could include things like reduced pain and PMS, more regular cycles, quicker time to conception and improved overall health

Is Fertility Awareness for me?

If you have a menstrual cycle, the yes! Its for you! There are several reasons why you would want to learn FA. Some of the main reasons include:

Trying to conceive – We will work to identify your fertile window, so you know the best time for you to conceive

Postpartum – Helping your cycle to regulate and return after birth

Natural birth control – Through understanding your cycle you will know when to avoid unprotected sex that would result in a pregnancy 

Coming off hormonal contraception – We can work together to help get your cycle to return and be the most optimal and healthy cycles you have experienced yet

A diagnostic tool to optimise your cycles – Through charting you will know exactly what’s going on with your cycle. For me this has shown me that my hormones aren’t following an optimal pattern which is why I get such intense PMS! 


What you will learn

I will be teaching you an adapted version of the Symptothermal  fertility awareness method taught to me by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack. This will allow you to know:

The inner workings of your fertility – the sex ed you never got!

How to record and understand your basal body temperature, cervical mucus and cervical position

How to identify when you ovulate

How to identify your fertile window to either achieve or avoid pregnancy

Ways to improve the experience of your cycles, PMS, Period pain and living in line with your cycle though lifestyle, nutrition and so much more



Fertility awareness:
Five month, one-to-one mentorship

  • Appointments will available on Wednesdays and some Thursdays

  • You will have 9 x 1:1 appointments with me. This includes:

    • A 90 minute introductory session

    • 8 x 45min follow up sessions

  • Messaging support throughout our work together

  • Continued support package available after completion of full mentorship

If your are interested please book a discovery call where we can have a cuppa and a chat about working together 


One off payment


Payment plan 1

5 monthly payments of £244

Payment plan 2

10 monthly payments of £123

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