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Pregnant Woman

How can Reflexology support you during your Pregnancy and Postpartum 

I am Katy and I am so passionate about Reflexology during your maternity journey. Pregnancy treatments are some of my absolute favourites to give as you bump can get very active during the session, showing how reflexology can have such a direct response on the body

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a an ancient and deeply relaxing therapy. It is all performed on the feet, and in reflexology we believe different parts of the body are mapped out in the feet, and my working into these small areas (reflexes) we can have an impact throughout the whole body


How Does Reflexology Work?

Reflexology is all about balance. Getting your body back into the rhythms innately knows.

You may be experiencing :

  • Morning sickness leaving you feel tired and depleted

  • Swelling in the feet making you uncomfortable

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain and looking for relief

  • Constipation from baby compressing your digestion

  • The final weeks of pregnancy and looking to prepare for birth and meeting your new family member 


Reflexology can help!


When you’re deeply relaxed, your nervous system can settle into its parasympathetic state, sometimes also called rest and digest. Through reflexology and the nurturing power of skin on skin contact you can enter this deep state of relaxation. My clients often say they enter a dreamlike state and leave the session feeling refreshed and with their pregnancy symptoms eased.  Reflexology can pregnancy symptoms by relieving swelling through lymphatic drainage, ease morning sickness and digestive trouble particularly well and help get things moving in those final weeks. 


When can I start Reflexology during my Pregnancy?

I am in trained Maternity/Pregnancy Reflexology and alongside my Fertility Reflexology training and I can support you from the moment of conception, through to birth and after (also known as the fourth trimester). 

Can I have Reflexology to induce labour? 

These prep for birth treatments are not an induction but have a strong focus on the reproductive reflexes and help you float into a calm state required for birth to begin. These are some of my favourite treatments to give! Clients (and myself!) are always amazed when I start working the uterus reflex and the bump starts kicking like it’s doing the can-can. 

How many sessions would I need?

I like to see clients fortnightly or monthly during the first and second trimester to keep symptoms at ease. From 37 weeks of pregnancy we can begin weekly preparation for birth treatments which can help support you on your way to labour beginning. I offer a package of 4 treatments to be used with 3 months at £265 in clinics, which is a £35 saving compared to appointments being bought individually. Or £385 for home visits, 4  treatments to be used with 3 months , offering a £55 saving 

Where can I Book in?

You can find me in my local area of Hackney, or as part of Hannah Pearn’s team if you live in south London


I also offer Home visits which are perfect for maternity and postnatal reflexology Home Visits can be booked in following East London postcodes: E2, E3, E5, E8, E9, E10, E17, N1, N6


Clinic days are as follows:

  • Thursdays at Fix Me London,  6-10 Dunston St, London E8 4EB 

  • Alternating Fridays at ChiroByHand in Balham Chiropractic By Hand, 6a Ritherdon Rd, London SW17 8QD

  • Alternating Fridays at Hannah Pearn Streatham, Ellison Road SW16 5DB

  • Sundays Acu.E8, in The Factory, 21-31 Shacklewell Ln, London E8 2DA on Sundays. 

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