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A Masertclass on how to keep your cool in the two week wait

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Ready to not feel like an anxious wreck, stop symptom spotting and feel in control of the two week wait? 

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Conquer the countdown was specifically designed for you if...

You are sick to death of symptoms spotting

Every single month after ovulation your in a constant state of hyper vigilance, scanning your body for any miniscule change, driving yourself up the wall with “is it pregnancy or PMS”

You feel consumed by the process of TTC

You’ve been on this journey for a while now and once the fertile window has closed youre thinking about one thing and one thing only. You’ve lost connection with what you enjoy and want to find your spark again

You're looking for practical, easy to implement support

Lets face it, the two week wait can be shit, but when we understand why our brains are in “operation anxiety” mode, we can master how to counter act that and gain support from ourseles and those around us

My intention is for you to leave the masterclass feeling like: 

You understand why your brain is in setting your off down every rabbit hole possible

You have not only practical, be tools that can be easily implemented that can make your experience of the two week wait easier. Right. Now. 

You have ways you can connect to the lost parts of yourself

You are empowered to take charge of the two week wait, and you get to decide how you experience it


The details!

  • 90 minute live training where I'll share my top secrets on how to Conquer the Countdown

  • Replay available for 5 days

  • PLUS a workbook to refer to in times of need.

  • AND a DIY two week wait safe reflexology tutorial 

  • It’s happening on Monday 12th Feb at 7pm and you can register for £25 



I'm Katy Ewen, Fertility Awareness Mentor and Reproductive Reflexologist

I'm mega passionate about you supporting your productive health and fertility, whilst maintaining your mental health and sense of identity

Too often when we are in the throws of anxiety, all of our "good" coping mechanisms go out the window. I'm here to be your personal cheerleading to help you navigate the world of fertility and show you how you can do it with out dripping with angst and uncertainty 


What if I can’t make it live?

No stress! A recording will be made available for 5 days after the session 

Where is the event happening?

All on zoom and any resources will be sent to you via email

How much are tickets?


How do I know if I’m a good fit for the event?

If you feel like a different version of yourself each time you entre the two week wait and you find the "not knowing the result" intolerable, then you need to get your ticket

Are there any bonuses?

Yes! Along with the 90 minute masterclass you get:

  • A workbook of journal prompts and exerices to refer back to. 

  • A DIY reflexology tutorial

  • Plus there might be a lil something extra when you join live about my upcoming Conceive program

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