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Reflexology in South London


I am Katy and I am so passionate about Reflexology to support your Fertility, Menstrual Cycles and Pregnancy.

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology is all about balance. Getting your body back into the rhythms innately knows.

You may feel:

  • your so busy that your hormones are out of whack and you’re having trouble sleeping you are running on stress and caffeine and we need to slow you down.

  • your oestrogen and progesterone levels are imbalanced leaving you feeling moody with sore boobs, period pain and sugar cravings


Reflexology can help! When you’re deeply relaxed, your nervous system can settle into its parasympathetic state, sometimes also called rest and digest. Through reflexology and the nurturing power of skin on skin contact you can enter this deep state of relaxation. South London clients often say they enter a dreamlike state and leave the session floating out the door. And with regular reflexology sessions they really start to notice positive changes to their Periods, Fertility, Menstrual Cycles and through their pregnancy.​

Reflexology to support Fertility, Menstrual Cycles and Pregnancy in Balham and Streatham, South London  

Regular Reflexology treatment in Streatham or Balham can help with:

  • The return of absent periods

  • The length and regularity of their periods

  • Reduced pain with bleeds, endometriosis and PCOS

  • Regular ovulation and understanding how to read their body for the signs of ovulation

  • Conceiving when not having been able to

  • Sleep! Clients have the most amazing nights sleep afterwards


About Katy
I have trained in Repro-Reflexology under Barbara Scott, so can support conditions like PCOS and endometriosis and through natural or assisted conception. I also have a maternity reflexology qualification from Sally Earlam so can support from day 1 of your pregnancy through to preparing you for birth. I am also a Fertility Awareness Mentor and trained under expert  Lisa Hendrickson-Jack and is an expert supporting people with hormone management and healthy menstrual cycles. She also runs online workshops, most recently for The Independent, teaching people to use reflexology to help promote good sleep.

Many of my clients use reflexology in combination with acupuncture, nutrition, fertility massage and herbs. And you can find all the above practitioners as part of Hannah Pearn's team in either Balham or Streatham, alongside myself to make sure you get the best all round care and support to optimise your health and fertility.

Booking Fertility Reflexology in South London 

You can find me in Balham or Streatham on alternating Fridays. If you’d like to book in for reflexology for Fertility, Menstrual Cycles or Pregnancy use the link for booking or email Vicky, who manages our diaries and can organise for you

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