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My Why

It was a really sunny day. The first in what felt like forever (February). I really felt like I should have been outside, making the most of it. But it was day 2 of my period and I was, if you’ll pardon the pun, bloody knackered. I ended up having a chat with my Mum on the phone whilst I sat on my bed in my PJ’s, cup of tea in hand. We often talk business together as she’s been self-employed and smashing it for 30 years now. She asked me what ‘my why’ was. Why I started my business? Why I chose reflexology? Why go down the fertility route? It was a bit of a deep question for day 2 of my cycle. But here we are on day 15 and I’m going to tell you my why.

I originally came to reflexology as a mega anxious teen, and I firmly believed reflexology was utter bullshit before I tried it. But after Mum took me to my first session with the wonderful Jan, I was a complete convert. Reflexology stayed in the background for many years. An interest. Something to explore for myself and with anyone who would let me touch their feet with my little reflexology chart from Jan by my side.

I’d always wanted to help people through my work. For a long time I had no idea how to do that. Originally, I pursued a career in the performing arts. Perhaps not an obvious route in terms of helping people, but I knew I could make people feel something, change them for the better in some way. But that career didn’t help me in so many ways - although I’ve put those acting skills to use on Instagram reels (lol). I was looking for an alternative route to go down. Reflexology suddenly seemed clear.

As I did my training at the London School of Reflexology a frankly depressing theme appeared. Women and people who have periods are so often left wading in the dark, trying to improve their reproductive health. Like so many, I read Period Power by Maisie Hill and my world opened to the power of understanding your cycle and getting it to work for you. As I began to regularly work with reflexology clients, I saw menstrual cycles change and the positive effect that had on people: more regular bleeds, less pain, less digestive issues. The list went on and a passion was ignited

When you say ‘fertility’, it’s not surprising most people’s first thought is ‘babies’. And yes, helping people conceive has become an important and fulfilling part of my work. But your reproductive health is first and for most for you. I’m currently studying with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack and in her book, The Fifth Vital Sign, she says that women’s reproductive health is viewed as ‘somehow separate from our health’. It’s something that I’m sure many of us can relate to. It makes no sense. And yet we see so often. Even on a women’s health training course I did we were viewing pictures of uteruses. It was clear which ones were happy and healthy and which were not (think fibroids, endo etc). Someone asked, ‘But what would be the point in treating someone if they didn’t want a baby?’. Safe to say I had to scoop my jaw back up from the floor.

So Why?

– To help anyone with a period

One of my ‘Why’s” is to help anyone who has problems with their periods, whether you are a yes, no or undecided on having children and no matter what gender you identify as. So often we accept our periods as normal, even if you’re putting yourself at a 10/10 on a pain scale. When it comes to periods it like, well that is the hand you’ve been dealt and there is little you can do to change it. I am on a mission to show you it can change. The benefits you will feel from improving your reproductive health should be about you feeling better more often. It really is the least you deserve.


– To Share what you were denied

I want to share with you the information that was held from you growing up. For you to know when YOU are fertile, so it is easier for you to try and conceive or avoid a pregnancy. For you to know when YOU ovulate, not when your app tells you based on its algorithm. For you to know that PMS might be common, but if it’s ruining your ability to enjoy your life that’s not normal. For you to know when in your cycle your most creative, focused, resilient, or social and to tap into all that can give you. We are cyclical beings, and I can help you tune into your hormones and to get the most out of the different energies each phase of your cycle brings.


– To empower and create change

I want to empower you to make lasting changes that can improve your reproductive health. Through reflexology and fertility awareness I can show you how to do that.

Reflexology can let you experience how powerful taking time for you is. To sink into deep relaxation and allow your body to do some repair work. Yes, lifestyle factors; sleep, work/life balance, nutrition, medications are important if you want to make long term change. But your body can do a lot of work if you give it an opportunity to simply rest.

Fertility awareness (FA) will help you get to know your cycle on such a deep level and help you to observe, interpret and understand exactly what is happening in your cycle each and every day

Ultimately, I’m here to help and champion you along the way. I am really proud of the work that I do. Nothing makes me more excited than when someone’s period coming back after being absent for weeks or months, when a pregnancy is announced after years of trying. Or when people experience their first pain free period. I will be there cheering for you. Ask my clients, they’ve seen the celebratory fist shake and squeal. Knowing and working with your body is some powerful stuff and I am here to guide the way for you, one foot rub at a time.

You can book in to have reflexology with me or you can join my waitlist here to work with me as a Fertility Awareness case study whilst I complete my course here

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