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I can host a workshop for you teaching the power of reflexology. I'll guide your group through the basics of reflexology and teach a hand reflexology sequence that can help to keep stress, headaches and colds at bay and encourage relaxation 

I can also be part of your panel discussion on reproductive health and wellness

Workshops can be delivered online or in person 



If you are planning a yoga or wellness retreat, why not include Reflexology in the mix?

Reflexology treatments or workshops are a perfect way to get some additional relaxation into your event

To discuss options further for hiring Reflex East for your retreat  

"I was away at a Bootcamp retreat and Katy was one of the clients, she offered up her time, knowledge and expert hands to work her magic on my weary feet.


I was totally relaxed and somewhat recharged the day after. I would highly recommend a session with her if you can.

Thank you"​

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