Are you a soon-to-be parent? Reflexology can help to normalise function in the body and can help to ease symptoms of pregnancy as your body changes with your growing baby

I am a qualified maternity reflexologist and can support you from your first trimester through to post natal care

Reflexology could help to

  • relieve morning sickness

  • reduce pelvic girdle pain

  • calm swollen legs and ankles

  • speed up labour and reduce pain

If this sounds good to you, then send me and email and we can discuss how reflexology can help you

I would definitely recommend receiving maternity reflexology from Katy. Especially closer to your due date, as this was a precious experience. I must investigate some postnatal treatments now that baby has arrived, could do with a bit of that calm again  - Cat S.

Watch this video to see some more of the ways reflexology could support you during your pregnancy

This video was originally an Instagram Live recorded in January 2021

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